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Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibers : Instant Hair Loss Concealer

Nanogen works instantly to cover or conceal hair loss and thinning hair in Men and Women. The advanced keratin hair fibers bond with existing hair follicles for a totally natural look. Hide baldness and get thick, full hair!

Tens of thousands of Men and Women of all ages have successfully used Nanogen to quickly and easily deal with thinning hair. Dont wait!
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Nanogen is a hair loss concealer that is made of microscopic keratin fibers that can be sprinkled onto thinning hair and bald spots to instantly increase the thickness and density of each hair. Contrary to popular belief, scalps experiencing baldness and thinning hair contain thousands of tiny colorless hairs. These hairs, along with normal hairs allow Nanogen keratin hair fibers to bond tightly and form a completely natural pattern.

While it certainly covers baldness, Nanogen is much more than just a hair loss concealer. It can give your hair a fuller look and feel, as well as increased density. It is the quick and easy solution to baldness, thinning hair, and hair loss!

It works for everyone!

Nanogen fibers can work for men AND women of all hair types suffering from baldness. It comes in 10 different shades to accommodate any hair color!

Latest Customer Review:
"I was all ready to schedule a hair transplant for approx. $10,000 when I learned of this product. I was extremely skeptical based on the spray-on TV ads that I heard would run & smear when a person go"...MORE
- Shawn N, Minnesota

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Cosmetically, Nanogen is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Friends that I've known for years can't believe their own eyes. The transformation in my appearance has had an astounding effect on my social life. I am so confident, relaxed an happy. I have a full head of hair. I feel like I have been given a new lease of life. I am a new man!
F. A. - Liverpool - UK

This has changed my life. My hair no longer looks so sparse now, and I can sit under a light or in sunshine without worrying.
C. B. - Marlow, Bucks - UK