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Nanogen Testimonials, Reviews : Men and Women who use Nanogen to cover hair loss

"I was all ready to schedule a hair transplant for approx. $10,000 when I learned of this product. I was extremely skeptical based on the spray-on TV ads that I heard would run & smear when a person got hot and started sweating. As a professional entertainer my appearance is vital, and the top of my hair was thinning quickly and when I saw photos of the stage lights on me, it was very obvious how bad and see-through my hair was getting. Thick on the back and sides, straight through to the scalp on the top middle area. This product make me laugh out loud in absolute disbelief. I never thought anything could look so natural and be such an affordable fix. Now I don't have to get my scalp cut apart and spend thousands of dollars, all I need is to have a steady supply of Nanogen on-hand. My wife would be the first to be tell me if this looked bad, she was also in disbelief of how natural this looks, it simply blends in and looks like I have a thick head of hair! I can't recommend this enough and suggest everyone try it before considering something as dire and expensive as surgery (that is not even guaranteed to work). Here is the ultimate and amazing fix, confidence restored, now...on with the show!"
- Shawn N, Minnesota

"It was a huge step for me to even buy this product, but feeling pretty low after having difuse hair loss for over a year after both of my pregnancies and some recent stress which exacberated the situation I am no longer worried about harsh lighting revealing my sparce crown or constantly asking my husband if he can see my scalp through my ever moving parting...wow, this product has given me such a boost and has given me my confidence back. I am no longer stressing or thinking about my hair all of the time which im sure will help with regrowth! and more importantly allowing me to get on with life - Thank you Nanogen."
- K Napper, London, UK

"Wow, this product really works. I just received my order today and I tried it out and it looks amazing. I had a thinning spot on the back of my head and it has now disappeared. I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror now. Thank You Nanogen"
- Robert S., Houston, TX

"I must admit I was pleased with the product. It's not perfect, but out of all the products that I have used, Nanogen is by far the best. When used with the locking mist and correct color, you'll be hard pressed to notice the difference. You can use hair spray instead but the results are far better with locking mist IMO.
  • Color looks natural
  • When used with locking mist it doesn't flake on your clothes.
  • It's semi water proof
  • Affordable; reasonable price.
  • Easy to apply.
  • You can sleep with it and it wont stain your pillows.
  • Don't scratch your head unless you want black fingernails.
  • It's semi water proof.
  • Sometimes there is a minor difference in quality (though not enough to make a big fuss).
- Daniel, Ozone Park, NY

"I am a female and I previously used Toppik Hair Fibers to cover my balding areas. I began to notice that my head was always itching, I was getting little bumps on my scalp and I was starting to lose hair much more rapidly! I went online and researched all types of hair fibers. Then I came upon information from others stating that after they used Toppik for awhile they quickly started losing hair rapidly also! They said it is because it has aluminum in it! I promptly stopped using it and was miserable when I looked so bald again! I again researched online and found the Nanofibers and tried that! I can not tell you how happy I am with this product. It covers my balding areas so much better than any other product that I have ever used. My head does not itch at all and even my own hair looks better now! The Nanofibers are not powdery and stay in place so well it is amazing! I recommend this product to anyone with a hair loss problem! I love it!"
- Jill F., USA

"I am just 25 years old and have a large nearly-bald spot around my part in addition to several balding areas all over. I have gone to several doctors, had several blood tests and an MRI of my pituitary, and looked into Rogaine as well as alternative medicines. My endocrinologist and I have simply come to the conclusion that my healthy, athletic lifestyle has left me with extremely low estrogen levels that are refractory to estrogen-based birth control, and the risks of HRT are too great. So, in short, I am supposed to just live with losing my hair. I am a young, single, otherwise-attractive woman who has spent the last year and a half of my life feeling ugly, lacking confidence, and wasting hours upon hours each week trying in vain to conceal my scalp. Nanogen is changing my life!!!!! I am beautiful, confident, and HAPPY again. This is how I deserve to look at 25. I just sprinkle, spray, and go! There's no need to destroy my hair with heat styling and gooey products for the HOPE that it will distract people from my prominent exposed scalp. There's also no need to waste tons of time that I do not have as a busy medical student! I want to thank you sincerely and earnestly also for keeping this somewhat of a "secret" known only to those in the hairloss community. If it were all over TV or in stores, my secret would be out and I would be back to square one. Because most people cannot imagine "hair sprinkles", they see only a confident, pretty young woman! As I will never retreat from my active lifestyle just to raise my estrogen levels, I will be a delighted lifelong user of this amazing invention. Thank you!"
- Shelby S., US

"I am probably typical of a lot of women who have hair problems. Almost 60, with very obviously thinning hair on the crown and the 'fringe' area. I have just used your product for the first time, and my hair has been transformed! I am so very happy, and now feel I can be in my office without constantly dreading my colleagues standing over me, and looking down at the top of my head. I have before and after photos if you would like to use them, they are as impressive as the ones you already have on your website."
- Jan G., US

Cosmetically, Nanogen is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Friends that I've known for years can't believe their own eyes. The transformation in my appearance has had an astounding effect on my social life. I am so confident, relaxed an happy. I have a full head of hair. I feel like I have been given a new lease of life. I am a new man!
F. A. - Liverpool - UK

I felt about as low as you could get. There I was, a middle aged woman with male pattern baldness. I was fast becoming a recluse with no-where to turn until I found out about Nanogen. You were really helpful and together we chose a colour that exactly blended in with my hair. I no longer see the baldness and nobody else can either.
G.G. - London - UK

I have used Nanogen fibres for over a year. I have diffuse thinning which nobody apart from close friends and family know about as Nanogen gives the illusion if thick, healthy looking hair. I personally could not survive in my job without this product as I have to travel a lot and meet many people. Nanogen has given me the confidence to meet those challenges head on.
K.W. - Jersey - UK

Nanogen is magic! I suffer from diffuse thinning and the worry and horror of it has really ruined my life. I haven't felt like I could go out anywhere, and overnight visiting was out of the question. But now, thanks to Nanogen I am feeling that I might even be able to manage a weekend away. My grateful thanks.
S. W. - Glasgow - UK

I am delighted with Nanogen as it gives me the sort of improvement which doesn't embarrass me (wigs can be embarrassing and the change they produce is too dramatic), but Nanogen Nanofibres produce a lightweight transformation and disguises the general thinning which I suffer from. I also have a bald patch of scarring alopecia, but with Nanogen this doesn't show up nearly as much through the rest of my hair. I'm delighted.
I. U. - Cheltenham - UK

This has changed my life. My hair no longer looks so sparse now, and I can sit under a light or in sunshine without worrying.
C. B. - Marlow, Bucks - UK